Where do I start to get connected?

Everyone can do something to serve our community, our city, and our world! Not because Mosaic San Diego needs positions to be filled, but because everyone needs to live fulfilled lives by using our unique personalities, strengths, and gifts to care for and encourage others. The best place to start is at ‘Starting Point. ‘Starting Point’ is a casual meetup with the MosaicSD Leadership Team after each gathering on the patio.

“Starting Point” is designed for all who want to learn more about Jesus and baptism, which are the first steps on our journey.
 If you are interested in learning about a relationship with Jesus and/or you are interested in learning more about MosaicSD and our Volunteer Staff, this is the place to begin.

Would I really make a difference?

The name of our community comes from the diversity of the people in the community and from the symbolism of a broken and fragmented humanity which can become a work of beauty under the artful hands of God. Your unique piece in this art form is needed for the overall work of art that we call Mosaic. Your uniqueness, your heart, your passion, your willingness to serve others, and allow others to serve you, regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, is welcomed.

I’m ready! What’s next?

Stay connected : We would also love to keep in touch with YOU! Please let us know the best ways to do so by filling out a Button Text

Attend ‘Welcome To Mosaic’ : Be sure to pop into ‘Welcome To Mosaic’, our monthly meet and greet session hosted the first Sunday of every month, after every gathering. This quick session will help answer any questions you have prior to taking part in the mentorship program and will walk you through the steps to getting connected at Mosaic San Diego.

Start Serving : The easiest way to start serving at Mosaic is to join us 1/2 hour prior to any of the gatherings on Sunday. You’ll have the chance to meet our team, learn what we do.
You can also browse our ministries under here. Or join the mailing list for ministry teams that match your interests.  Button Text .

Find a Mentor : This one-on-one program will pair you with one of Mosaic’s volunteer staff. Together you’ll journey through the core values that shape Mosaic, grow to understand the ethos that guide Mosaic’s actions, and be challenged to reflect on your own spiritual journey.
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