Sunday Gathering

  • 9:00 AM
  • 1402 Commercial St, San Diego Ca 92113
  • 619-230-8710

On Sundays we aspire to create an environment that is personal, engaging, experiential, practical and life-giving. Our goal is to create a space where you can experience God’s presence in a personal way, where you are inspired and challenged by the scriptures, and where you feel comfortable inviting others who may not believe as you do. At our gatherings you can expect a casual atmosphere including live music, art, thought-provoking messages, and friendly people. Typically around 90 minutes, it’ll be an experience you’ll want to come back for.

We have numerous opportunities for you to connect to our community on Sundays and throughout the week. Please help yourself around the website, and don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions.


We have free parking available with entrances off of both Commercial Street and 14th Street.