MosaicSD’s “Volunteer Staff” is made up of people who have committed to serve, lead and give at the highest level at MosaicSD.  It’s those who have chosen to make the mission of Jesus the mission of their lives and have committed to make Mosaic the family they do it with.  Our pastors, ministry team leaders, community group leaders, and mentors all come from within our Volunteer Staff.  The only reason to join Volunteer Staff is if you want to make a greater commitment to invest in others in and with MosaicSD. We’d love to have you on our team!


LAUREL MILLER, Mentorship Coordinator |

For all who are interested in Volunteer Staff, we have a four-step path.

The Volunteer Staff Path looks like this:


Step 1: Attend ‘Welcome To Mosaic’
Hosted the first Sunday of every month, after each gathering, this meet and greet session will help answer your questions and get you connected.


Step 2: Life in Christ
A one-on-one journey with a mentor based on Mosaic’s core values and ethos.

If you have attended “Welcome To Mosaic” and would like to go through “Life in Christ,” Button Text


Step 3: The Covenant
We have been designed to live in community, to be part of a tribe.

“The Covenant” is a 90-minute lunch session led by MosaicSD’s Leadership Team. It is offered once a quarter directly following the 11am gathering 
(approx. 12:15pm).

At “The Covenant,” you will learn about the defining characteristics of MosaicSD, such as our core values, core convictions, mission statement and Volunteer Staff commitments. “The Covenant” is open to all who have completed both Starting Point and Life in Christ.

If you have completed “The Cross,” and “Life in Christ,” and would like to attend “The Covenant,” email


Step 4: Commissioning
Volunteer Staff is for those who have completed the first three steps and are ready to commit to investing their passions, service, resources, and relationship in MosaicSD. As a community, MosaicSD embraces this decision by commissioning people onto Volunteer Staff who have been called to serve the world with us.



MosaicSD Volunteer Staff have done the following:

-Made a focused commitment to Christ.

-Have made a public confession of faith through baptism by immersion** (must have made a focused commitment to Christ first).

-Connected to a Community Group or Ministry Team.

-Have completed “Starting Point,” “Life in Christ” and “The Covenant”.

-Embrace the Core Values, Core Convictions and Staff Commitments.-

-Be commissioned at MosaicSD Leadership Advance.

If you have done these and would like to be commissioned, please email


Core Values

Wind: Commission-Mission is why the Church exists

The Church is a movement, not an institution.

Every follower of Jesus is commissioned by God.


Water: Community-Love is the context for all mission

The Church is relational, not programmatic.

Every follower of Jesus is part of a larger community.


Wood: Connection-Structure must always submit to Spirit

The Church is empowering, not controlling.

Every follower of Jesus is called and connected uniquely to serve.


Fire: Communion-Relevance to culture is not optional

The Church is incarnational, not esoteric.

Every follower of Jesus celebrates communion with God.


Earth: Character-Creativity is the natural result of spirituality

The Church is transforming, not conforming.

Every follower of Jesus grows in Christ-like character.


Core Convictions

The Scriptures:

The Bible is God’s authoritative word to us.

Jesus Christ:

Jesus is the only hope for a lost and broken world.

The Church:

The local church is God’s agent for redemptive change.

The Body of Christ:

Every follower of Christ is called and gifted by God to serve the Body and seek the Lost.

The Mission:

The Church is called to bring a wholistic witness to the world through both word and action.


Staff Commitments

Our Volunteer Staff commit to invest their lives in four areas, known as the “Staff Commitments.”

Invest your passions – Honor God by following Christ personally and passionately. Your reputation is Christ’s reputation and the church’s reputation.

Invest your service – Participate in the life of the congregation through genuine worship, sharing, learning, and serving.

Invest your resources – Support the Gospel here and worldwide by tithing (10% of your income) and then by giving more as the Lord leads. Invest your time, skills, talents, and gifts in and through the church.

Invest your relationships – Develop authentic loving relationships with other in the church and establish significant relationships with those who do not know Jesus.



Email to learn more about beginning this process.